Researching opportunities on the new Nadex platform

In this short video, we’ll show you how to research potential trading opportunities using the Nadex trading platform. Let’s get started.

Once you’ve logged onto your Nadex trading account, in the upper left-hand corner you’ll notice three different types of trading products: binary options, call spreads, and knock-outs. By clicking on each product, you’ll see the different market classes listed below.

Next, click on one of the market classes to see the specific markets and various expirations that are available to trade.

For example, by clicking on “indices” under “binary options”, you’ll see all the index products as well as the different expirations available, listed from shortest duration to longest. Click on one of the expirations beneath one of the products to see the different contracts you can trade. Here we’ve clicked “Weekly” under “US Tech 100”.

This will display the list of contracts available. Once you’ve identified the contract you’re interested in, click on it to populate the chart of the product as well as bring up an order ticket on the right-hand side of the platform. Notice on the top of the order ticket there is a specific description for that contract.

By clicking on the “markets” icon in the upper left-hand corner, you can make the chart larger so you can conduct further analysis of this opportunity.

And that’s it. You can now research the different trading opportunities using the Nadex platform, so you can find the opportunity you’re looking for.

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